Darlings of the New Americana movement in the Northeast, Fingersleeve delivers signature tone, groove, and twang to audiences throughout the area. Boasting a catalog of original roots-rockers and choice covers, Fingersleeve celebrates songs of break-ups, drinking, hangovers, orangutans, murder, love and secrets among other important issues.   Sometimes tongue-in-cheek, always gutsy, this AmericanaRockBlues outfit is always a good time.  Vocal duties are shared by the three primary songwriters, along with blistering guitars, scorching harmonica, and down-home rhythms - it's live music the way it oughta be.


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Rob Phelps | Brennan Gildersleeve

Fingersleeve founders Rob "fingers" and Brennan conjured up this band when they weren't doing other things, like reassessing various life choices, and grooving and blowing with a long boring list of other great musicians. With Fingersleeve they are truly at home in their own band, giving listeners a real good time.

David Hirschman

Guitar Dave brings big band, jazz, blues and rock experience to the table and lays out a sumptuous feast: down-home rhythms seasoned with mind-bending solos, delivered with stunning tone.

Jim O'neill

Jimski has laid down grooves for everyone from world famous recording artists to drunks at open mic night. Genres and categories don't matter to him, he'll patrol the low-end zone, wherever it is.



LiZzIE Swan

 Lizard has been singing and playing for a wide range of audiences forever with style and strength. Her pipes are golden, and her energy is infectious.